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RSCA database found. Launch delayed. Revised stratergy
08 May 2019 08:06:55
just a heads up, I posted this in an update post but probably most of you haven't seen

I announced the launch date as today, today being the 11th anniversary of RSCA. I thought it was a cool date and when I set it I had ~3 weeks to prepare, which I thought was enough but obviously not - especially with the multiple setbacks I've had due to providers (domain, hosting).Another factor for the decision to delay, is I have recovered a copy from our original database with ~70k old users and emails. So it seems obvious the better option is to prepare more, have the site more polished and release a marketing email inviting the old players to return.

I will also throw up votes on the website so you can vote on various server configuration options:
xp rate, batched skilling, f2p/p2p, auction house etc}
Website progress
05 May 2019 20:14:44
Just a quick note regarding the website. We have taken the decision to write our website from the ground up, including the news/CMS, account/character management and also the forums.

We have decided to do this for many reasons

- Security - The forums and other website files that servers typically use are horribly outdated and insecure. By writing our own from scratch we can employ best security practices to make the site as secure as possible.
- Usability - There are not many good (web 2.0/ajax) forums available. Some exceptions are (FlarumDiscourse), however these pose integration challenges and also do not gaurentee security
- Integration - Touching on above, I want the forums, website and game server to all flow seemlessly into one, with one sign in for all and rolling our own forums will allow this

So, as you'll have noticed the website is under construction, but updates will happen thick and fast and I plan to have the website working with all the basic functionality (including forums) before launch
You can see the state of the forums as it stands below, this is very basic and currently only topic creation, post replies, editing+deleting posts are mostly done.

RSCAngel returns!
05 May 2019 19:43:38
We are delighted to inform everyone that after a long wait, RSCAngel will be returning under a new name RSCArchAngel. We hope to continue where RSCAngel left off and provide a quality gaming experience.

The original goal of RSCAngel was to 100% replicate RSC and then continue development of RSC in the style of JaGeX, making updates where we think they fit in line with the style of RSC.
We have been gone for some time, and are pleased to see that the community has taken the RSCAngel source code and improved upon it greately.

We have been gone for some time, and are pleased to see that the community has taken the RSCAngel source code and improved upon it greately.

Our goals going forward will be
- Provide a stable and secure server/website
- Work with OpenRSC and continue to keep our source open, this allows community members to contribute easier
- Fix bugsTweak combat formula
- Complete replication
- Develop new high quality content
- Expand

We wish to have relatively low xp rates, around 3-5x normal XP rates with increased rates for wild and skulling, the XP rates are not set in stone and we encourage you to join our discord and share your thoughts.
Our website is being written from scratch and we are scrambling to have it completed (including forums written from scratch) before launch. However, as you can see it is still a WIP, but we wanted to engage with the community and hear feedback before launch.
Updates to the website will be posted in discord and via our Twitter

You can read more about our project via the links below

Roadmap (coming before launch)
Security policy (coming before launch)
Privacy policy (coming before launch)
Cookie policy (coming before launch)
Data retention policy (coming befo re launch)
Disaster recovery plan (coming befo re launch)

We will be launching on the 11 year anniversary of RSCAngel (8th May).}